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38D Income & Expense  PROPERTY  TAX  RETURN


August 7, 2018

FILING YOUR 38D Income & Expense  PROPERTY  TAX  RETURN with the assessing division

Owners and lessees of income-generating properties file these income and expense forms (38D requests) with the Assessing Division on an annual basis.

The Town uses the returns to arrive at the fair cash value of these properties.

The first mailing request was mailed out to all income-generating properties in APRIL of this year.

For those owners who have not filed their return yet a copy of the blank forms are available on the Town Website on the Assessing Division page under INCOME and EXPENSE FORMS.

These need to be returned to the Assessing Division as soon as possible no later than Sept 7, 2018.

If you fail to comply with this second request, it may be grounds for dismissal of a filing at the Appellate Tax Board.

You may also face a fine of $50 for residential properties, or $250 for commercial or industrial properties that will be added to the tax bill. 

Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 59, § 38D has more information.

If you should have questions please call the Assessing Division @ 508.862.4022





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