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Animal Control

Department Head
Daniel J. Horn
As the town’s population grows, so does the animal population. It is estimated that better than one out of two citizens have a dog or cat. When pet owners do not fulfill their responsibilities to their neighbors and community, government must establish and enforce laws to regulate these pets. As such, Animal Control was instituted under the auspices of the Town Manager, the Town of Barnstable Dog Control Regulations were established.


  • Animal Control would like to remind you that all dogs must be leashed at all times in the Town of Barnstable. It is the responsibility of the dog owner or keeper - throughout the Town - to pick up and dispose of all dog waste in a sanitary manner.
  • Beach/Recreational Area Notice:
    Do not leave dog waste (even if in bags) on beaches or in their parking lots or any recreational areas.



Daniel J. Horn
Senior Animal Control Officer
Charles Lewis
Part Time Animal Control Officer
Cindy Sherman
P 508-790-6274
F 508-790-6275
1189 Phinney's Lane
Centerville, MA. 02632

Public Records
Ann Quirk
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